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Workshop dates for 2018

We are happy to present a whole new workshop concept to you. We are confident that we are now able to answer to your many different needs and at the same time, offer fascinating subjects for beginners and advanced students. We will be able to adapt the depth of the topic depending to the level of the participants that will be present at a given day. That means that it will be interesting for both newbies and those who have trained with us for quite some time.

What did we improve?

For a start, there are more choices in how to participate.
But the most important change is that we will offer longer events for those who have more travel time to attend a workshop. And for the first time we will offer a workshop in English for our international students.

Which workshops do we offer for members and non-members?

January: "How to find your True Will and live a spiritually rich and happy life" with Salomo Baal-Shem in German and English

New concept and more choices – what does that mean?

For some students it is fine if they can attend a longer and continuous event so they have less traveling efforts. For other students the usual weekend concept is ideal.
We have added the Monday and Tuesday to the weekend, thus creating a four days course. Each of these days will have a subject of its own, so that each day can be booked separately. For instance, you can attend Saturday and Sunday as usual, or you can attend four days, or chose a completely different option. The ritual is on invitation only and will presumably take place Saturday or Sunday night.
With this concept, we can respond individually to the participants present each day, e.g. if there are more beginners or more advanced students attending. If someone does not attend all days but has a specific request for a certain subject, then we may be able to grant the request if we know about it early enough. However, there is no guarantee, because there might be organizational reasons to consider as well.


The workshop fee for two days equals the usual fee of our previous weekend workshops. The fees are graduated so that participants pay considerably less per day the more days they attend. Participants who attend only one day co-fincance that the event as such takes place at all, of course.
1 day normal fee € 195 / early bird € 160
2 days normal fee € 295 / early bird € 255
3 days normal fee € 375 / early bird € 325
4 days normal fee € 455 / early bird € 385

What are the times and the schedule of the four seminar days?

The depth of the topics can be adapted very individually to newbies and more experienced participants, depending on the participants of a given day.
To make arrival and departure easy for you, we will start on Saturday at 12:00 and end the workshop on Tuesday at 14:30.
Saturday 12:00 - ca. 22:00
Sunday 10:00 - ca. 22:00
Monday 10:00 - ca. 22:00
Tueday 10:00 - 14:30
There will be a ritual that is by invitation only.

How to find your True Will and live a spiritually rich and happy life

with Salomo Baal-Shem
January 27th - 30th, 2018 - Frankfurt/Maine - Taunus area (Germany)

As usual we will help people arriving at the main station or at Frankfurt International Airport to plan their travel to the location.

Again and again, we receive requests from international members for workshops in English. Therefore we offer this workshop also for international students. Depending on the participants’ languages we will either conduct this workshop in both English and German, or in English and translate it to German or vice versa. In any case we will make sure that all participants will receive all information, regardless of whether they speak English or German.

Here is the English workshop descripton:

If you asked somebody what their True Will is, the most common reply would probably be “I must think about it some time.”, in case they know what you mean in the first place.

Our True Will is the task of our soul in this incarnation. This task fits into the overall task of our individual soul, which itself fits into the entire Divine Plan.

Each time we waste our lifetime by not pursuing our own task, our Higher Self will try to indicate to us more or less distinctly that we need to correct our direction. Unfortunately, we often do not recognize this. If we continue not to turn towards the direction of our True Will, then there will be a moment sometime later in life when we will recognize the insignificance of our previous ambitions, and will be most dissatisfied with our life. It is especially sad if such a realization comes late in life with not much time left for change; although even in this case, a time quality that is experienced as particularly awesome can easily outweigh an “only-long” quantity of time. Quite frequently, a life apart from our True Will can also express itself by a midlife-crisis.

It is certainly best if we occupy ourselves early with what our task in life is, take it serious and learn how to realize a life according to our True Will, and especially how to deal with hard times that can occur in doing so.
If we pursue the path of our True Will, we will be able to perceive repeatedly that we occupy ourselves with exactly that which we are made for. Minor matters might certainly be dumb and demanding sometimes, but with the great issues in life, we are exactly where we want to be. And we can notice this by experiencing satisfaction, happiness and inner approval of our task. We can put our energy into our purposes and do not waste it by fighting with inner conflicts.

Of course this workshop cannot guarantee that you will find your True Will at the workshop; it rather offers you the potential of deep realizations, which can make your True Will apparent, and therefore is the key to a meaningful, fulfilled and profoundly happy life. Do you want to know how to recognize your True Will? And how you can turn this realization into true inner happiness? Explore the meaning of your life in this workshop and navigate your life actively on the individual path of your soul!

How can I apply?

In order to register for this workshop please use this application form.
The easiest way is to send us a scan of your application with your handwritten signature.

If you do speak a little German and wish to attend any of the German workshops you are welcome to do so. Please find our German workshops at our German website.

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