Correspondence Course in Magic and the Western Mysteries
Free One Year Online Course in the basic Theory and Principles of the Mystical Qabbalah and the Western Mystery Tradition

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We offer free online training for all true seekers of the Light.

Free Online Course in the basic Theory and Principles of the Mystical Qabbalah and the Western Mystery Tradition


This online course is likely to be the most comprehensive and effective Qabbalistic training course of our time. It is designed to teach you the essence of the Mystical Qabbalah and the Western Mystery Tradition in the most educating way. It is the state of the art course in spiritual training. You will gain all the foundation stones for building your bridge to reach the higher spheres of spiritual attainment and to develop your magical training to the highest level. You will gain a deep insight into the nature of effective spiritual and occult training and how to distinguish false path from true teachings. You will learn the fundamental principles on which all spiritual and esoteric training must be build and gain access to a nearly endless amount of both practical and theoretical ressources. Upon entering this course your spiritual training will be enhanced and uplifted to a new stage. Be prepared to leave many of the ineffective and sterile methods behind! You are about to enter your journey to initiation and adepthood. ...

Here are some more of the things you will get when you join:

The contents include (amongst others):

Do not miss this extraordinary chance! Make a difference and enter the mysteries!

Salomo Baal-Shem

Salomo Baal-Shem has been studying and practicing the Western Mystery Tradition for over twenty years. He is a Third Degree Initiate and Adept of the Western Mystery Tradition, a personal student of Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki and he is the Grandmaster of the Brotherhood of the Eternal Light, the Magus of the Lodge Chayot ha-Qodesh and the Director of Studies of the Training Group of Ritual Magic and the Western Mysteries. He was introduced to the spiritual lore of Judaism, the tradition of his ancestors, by his own father. He has studied Philosophy, Judaism and Psychoanalysis at Frankfurt University specialising in the Qabbalah and Hermetic philosophy. He is considered by many occultists to be one of the foremost living experts on Hermetic Qabbalah. He has offered this course for free in order to bring about a Renaissance of traditional Qabbalistic values within the Western Mystery Tradition.

Correspondence Course in Magic and the Western Mysteries

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We are an internationally recognized mystery school and magical lodge and offer serious magical training based on the principles of the mystical Qabbalah (Kabbalah, Kabbala, Kabala), Hermetic magic and the Western Mysteries. Magical training in an authentic mystery school (or magic school, and/or magical order) of the Western Mystery Tradition is the spiritual and mystical preparation for initiation of the student of the mysteries. Like every true magical lodge or magic school and every true Hermetic order we take training in magic very seriously. We stand in the spriritual tradition of the Rosicrucians and do not only teach the ancient ritual magic (or ceremonial magic), the Egyptian magic, the Celtic magic and the Greek Mysteries, but also the classical pillars of the Hermetik Tradition such as astrology and Tarot.