Correspondence Course in Magic and the Western Mysteries
Free One Year Online Course in the basic Theory and Principles of the Mystical Qabbalah and the Western Mystery Tradition

Within the Temple of Anubis

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

2-5 June 2011 in Lindenfels near Frankfort on Maine / Frankfurt am Main (Germany)


Anubis is one of the oldest God forms of Ancient Egypt. As Uapuat he was worshipped as the Guardian of the Primal Mound. Later eras saw him as the first-born son of Osiris by his sister Nephthys, given over to Osiris’ sister-wife Isis to whom she taught all her magic.

Anubis was known by many titles: The Opener of the Ways, The Walker Between the Worlds, The Steersman of the Boat of Millions of Years and the Weigher of Hearts in the Halls of Amenti. In these modern times of turmoil and change and a growing desire by people to find their own way spiritually rather than in the traditional “Exoteric” religions, Anubis is a powerful and appropriate archetype. Indeed, the Ancient Egyptian religion places a strong emphasis on the notion of personal responsibility, that salvation is purely personal and requires that everyone should learn how to survive on their own. The Egyptian view is that no one can redeem the sins of others. As the world moves from the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius it seems that the ancient teachings of the Egyptian religion are just as appropriate today as they were four thousand years ago.

Anubis In this workshop we live work, worship and learn as they did in ancient Egypt. Black robes are worn all the time with sandals or slippers. The day begins, as every Temple in Egypt began, with the Morning Ritual, the Worship of Anubis. This is the same each day, and one person is selected to represent the Jackal Headed God for that day. The ritual ends with the procession of the sacred statue and the Hymn to Anubis. This is followed by the daily tasks of preparing the Temple, training sessions and time for personal reflection.

We have structured this workshop so that you will live and work as a member of the Priesthood of Anubis. We request that you take this very seriously, and behave as you would see fit for an initiated Egyptian Priest or Priestess. We strongly believe that acting “As if” creates a different reality and enables us to really connect into the energy patterns and archetypes of the Egyptian Religion. We ask that you bring with you at least two black robes as you will be spending the entire workshop robed.

This is a very special workshop and demand is going to be high. There are only 40 places available, so book early to guarantee your place

Do not miss this fascinating event…

For more information contact:

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki is a third generation psychic who has worked with magic since childhood. She studied under the late W.E. Butler and with him was a founding member of the Servants of the Light School of Occult Science, of which she is Director of Studies. Dolores is a direct descendant of the original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, via Dion Fortune's Society of the Inner Light. She is the author of many successful books, including "The Shining Paths”, "The Ritual Magical Workbook”, and "The Initiate's Book of Pathworkings”.

You will be offered comfortable accommodation in a beautiful seminar-hotel located in peaceful surroundings. (Prices do not include accommodation and meals. This year we simplify the booking process and everybody will be able to book their own room directly. Details will be sent to you upon receiving the deposit for your booking.) Most rooms are double rooms. Single rooms and rooms with a shower and toilet are also available. (Room prices are approx. 52-75 € per day including 3 meals)

€95.00 deposit and €175.00 (if booking before 1st of Febuary 2011)
or €95.00 deposit and €225.00 (if booking after 1st of Febuary 2011)
(Participants who help building high quality decorations may get a discount up to a value of €50.00 - only as much as helpers are needed and only if practical.)

To book your place simply write an email with your post-address to:
(The booking form will then be send to you by post.)


Correspondence Course in Magic and the Western Mysteries
Free One Year Online Course in the basic Theory and Principles of the Mystical Qabbalah and the Western Mystery Tradition

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We are an internationally recognized mystery school and magical lodge and offer serious magical training based on the principles of the mystical Qabbalah (Kabbalah, Kabbala, Kabala), Hermetic magic and the Western Mysteries. Magical training in an authentic mystery school (or magic school, and/or magical order) of the Western Mystery Tradition is the spiritual and mystical preparation for initiation of the student of the mysteries. Like every true magical lodge or magic school and every true Hermetic order we take training in magic very seriously. We stand in the spriritual tradition of the Rosicrucians and do not only teach the ancient ritual magic (or ceremonial magic), the Egyptian magic, the Celtic magic and the Greek Mysteries, but also the classical pillars of the Hermetik Tradition such as astrology and Tarot.