Technical Questions concerning the Use of the Forums and Functions

This is our technical support area.

Please use this forum to ask your questions concerning any difficulties or problems in using our General Open forum and any of its functions.

If you are doing our Qabbalah online course and have specific questions on this course, then please ask these in the course itself, e.g. in the Technical Questions forum of the Qabbalah course. Thank you!

In doing so please mind the references from our "Rules, Policies and General Information", especially part 8.a (excerpt):
"Include as much information as you can when seeking help or answers. This may include logs and command line output. Nobody will be able to help you if you don't give sufficient detail."

If you have any questions concerning any function or feature, please indicate the exact path or a description where it is located in order to enable us to find it, because otherwise we might not be able to help you.

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