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Question on Correspondence Course Qabbalah

Re: Question on Correspondence Course Qabbalah
by Andrea Shelor * * (R6) - Monday, 28 April 2014, 4:08 PM
Group Head ModeratorGroup Refuah PractitionerGroup Refuah Teacher

Hello Aish,

"1) I started the English version of the free online course. Would it be possible to enrole in the German correspondence course, or is this inconvenient for you?"

Yes, you can. Please contact me via PM if you wish to do so.

"2) Did I understand correctly that I have to become a member of the Brotherhood of the Eternal Light when applying for the correspondence course?"

Yes, the correspondence course is for members only. The correspondence course consists of this online course (theoretical training) plus practical exercises plus individual mentoring (via email or personally, if you attend any workshops). Members can also attend non-public workshops and they can register for open workshops at member's prices. For instance, we currently offer a Qabbalah workshop series in Germany that is held in German and English, with international members attending.

In order to help interested students to decide whether to apply for membership or not, we offer this Online Course for free, so everybody can study with us for free,  which allows them to get to know us and our work, so they decide whether to apply for membership on a thorough basis.

"3) Do you accept students from various religious backgrounds and mixed backgrounds for the correspondence course or is the course restricted to people of “clean” Jewish and Christian believes?"

Among our members, we have people with Christian, Jewish and Islamic believes as well as Pagans, and others. We accept every religion or path that is a true path to the Light.

"4) Do you recommend the correspondence course for beginners? I read a few books on Quabbalah, but I am really a beginner in this field. I studied systematic theology and doctrine and I have never really encountered spiritual aspects in our Western religions before. They were not on the curriculum.  This is basically why I am interested in the courses offered in your school."

Our training is suitable for beginners as well as advanced students. You do not need any previous knowledge.

I hope my answers are helpful for you ;-)