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When will the next unit be accessible?

(Last edited: Thursday, 30 August 2012, 8:22 PM)

When will the next unit be accessible?
Several members of BOEL are very busy in providing this course, and while the training in German language has started in 2003, and thus many teaching materials have been available and "field-tested" for years, these are still in German language and therefore have to be translated, and in many cases they are at the same time enhanced and extended, too, based on the experience gathered in the last years.
Most new texts however are written by Salomo Baal-Shem in English and therefore need a translation to German. We do all this work by ourselves and  we all have day jobs to attend to as well. So there is always much to do "behind the scenes" and much work is done, often going unnoticed.

What's more, the Qabbalah online course is available in both German and English, and since we never had any online courses before up until the end of 2010, the quizzes need to be written, translated and uploaded, and in general the technical side of online learning needs to be organised and maintained, too.
Furthermore some publications are being prepared as well  - so there are quite a lot of different tasks to be done simultaneously!
Also, with the ongoing personal training in Germany and some other new projects that we are busy with (and which are of great importance and have a legitimation in their own right) we are quite engaged in order to make available our teachings to all those who are interested and willing to learn.

Hopefully these details will help you to understand that there are sometimes delays because there is a great deal of work going on "behind the scenes" - in the same way as writing these lines has caused some effort and has cost some time that could not be put into the course forums at the same time, but now these lines are in the FAQ so that we can refer to it in the future!

Please also compare the resource "A Word to the Pioneers" which provides further information and which is accessible for all those already enroled in the course.

Is there anything I can do to support BOEL and to advance the course?
Yes, you can! For if the participants of our free online course give good quality feedback to each others "on the scene" in the course forums, then this is a great help that enables the senior students to further the course, which in turn is to the benefit of us all.

We would also like to encourage all participants in case of frequently asked questions to help us and answer these, e.g. by referring to the FAQ entries.
Thank you!