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Upload or change an avatar / profile picture

(Last edited: Thursday, 12 April 2012, 4:44 PM)

How to upload or change an avatar / profile picture

1.  Image Properties
An avatar image must have the file format .gif, .jpg or .png, it should also be square, because if it is not it will be made so automatically by the software. The image does not need to be especially large, because the system will minimize it to 100x100 pixels. The maximum file size you can use is 20 MB. (Usually you should get along with a maximum of a few hundred kb)

2. Storage Location
When you have found an image that is appropriate save it to your computer in a directory where you will be able to retrieve it easily.

3. Upload your image
To upload your avatar image have a look at the navigation bar on the left side of the screen. Scroll down until you can see  the word “Settings”. Beneath this you can see „my profile settings“ and when you click this you will see the link “edit profile“. After you have clicked this you will be able to see all your profile settings in detail.

Please find the section "user picture" which is a bit further down. Click the button "Choose file”. This will open a small new window in which you can select your avatar image that you have saved to your harddrive before.

On the left of this small new window there are several options. Please choose “Upload a file" and then select your chosen image on the right side of the window by using the option “browse”. Browse your harddrive and select the image file and then click on "Upload this file".

4. Save and update profile
After you have succeeded in chosing your image file as your new avatar picture, scroll down in your profile, and click the "update profile" button. Only if you do this the changes will take effect.
However please be careful, if you have not yet filled out all fields that have a red asterisk  * then the image will not upload! (Likewise, any other changes will not be accepted either if you have forgotten a "red asterisk field").

5. Change or replace an avatar image
If you have uploaded your avatar and found afterwards that it was the wrong image, or that you want to replace it for any other reason, then do the same steps as above. However, in this case it is quite probable that this second change will need several minutes or maybe even a quarter or half hour in order to take effect after. (But this happens only if you upload an avatar image more than once in succession.)
If you upload an image initially, it is usually displayed immediately. If you delete your picture and upload a new one it will usually also display immediately. if not please do not despair ;-) please be patient and wait a bit for the changes to take effect.

Frequently asked questions:

Question 1: I  updated my profile, but the changes do not show. Why is that?

Answer: Please read  paragraph 4 of this entry.

Question 2: I wanted to change my initial avatar but it is always the old version that is displayed. I can delete it and it shows immediately, but I cannot change it. Why is that?

Answer: Please read paragraph 5 of this entry.