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Tags / Alphabetical list of keywords and phrases: what is it for?

(Last edited: Sunday, 4 November 2012, 1:01 PM)

The alphabetical list of keywords and phrases on our homepage is a so-called
"tag cloud". Tags consist of any single word or any phrases that are added by our forum users either to their "interests" (in their profiles) or to their blogs in the identically named input field. Tags have to be separated by commas in order for the system to realise which words belong to a single tag. (When you use any other punctuation mark this will not work.)

Tag clouds are used to visualise information. If there are any keywords or phrases that were tagged by several forum users they show up in bigger letters. In this way the size of the letters grows or diminishes according to the number of users who tagged it. A tag cloud is therefore a so-called weighted list. By looking at the tag cloud you can see at a glance which tags are most important to our users, and which are less important.

If you click on any of the tags displayed in the tag cloud you will be shown all forum users who tagged this keyword or phrase and you will also be shown all blog posts that contain this keyword or phrase.


Tags: What are they and how do I use them?

(Last edited: Thursday, 12 April 2012, 3:57 PM)
Tags are keywords or phrases generated from the contents of your "interests" in your profile as well as from your blog entries, where you will find an input field called "tags". When you add any tags to your profile or blog please seperate them by commas ",". When you don't do this then several tags will appear as one single tag.

You will probably have noticed that on the entry page of this course there is a so-called "tag cloud", i.e. all the available tags are shown here in alphabetical order for public view. If there are any tags that were chosen by several forum users they show up in bigger letters. The size of the letters varies according to the number of users who "tagged" these keywords and to the number of users in total. A tag cloud is therefore a so-called weighted list.
If you click on one of the tags you will be shown all forum users who tagged this keyword or phrase.

You have the choice to either create a new tag for yourself or to choose an already existing tag by clicking it and then choose "add (keyword) to my interests". In order to maintain a certain amount of clarity in our tag cloud we kindly ask you to choose an already existing tag rather than to create a new one if the existing one reflects that which you would like to express. Example: If there is a tag called "W.E. Butler" please use the "add this tag to your interests" function, rather than creating a new tag called "Ernest Butler".
If, on the other hand, one of your interests is "Greek philosophy" and an already existing tag is called "occult philosophy" then it does make sense, of course, to add your own "Greek philosophy" tag to the tag cloud.
Please also mind that the tags are shown to the public and that our rules and policies also apply to the tags you choose. So please take care that your tags are appropriate, meaningful and significant, that they are spelled correctly, that they do not violate any rules, do not contain any advertising and are not offensive.
If you feel a tag violates any of these rules please bring it to the attention of a moderator by clicking it and choose "flag as inappropriate".
Any tags that violate our rules will be deleted by the moderators.