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Qabbalah Course: No feedback for my article

(Last edited: Thursday, 30 August 2012, 7:41 PM)

Why have I  not yet received any feedback for my article in the course?
If you have not yet received any feedback for your article so far it will surely help if you give feedback to your fellow students first, for some of them will most likely give you some feedback on your articles in turn - which is how the course is intended to work. (Please also compare the resource "What are the benefits of the forums and how forum posts are rated" that is found in the course for those enroled to it).

Why is feedback important?
The Qabbalah course is for free but you will get the most out of it if you put some effort into it yourself.
The feedback of your fellow students is designed to help you in your understanding of the lesson texts and therefore it will also help you to improve your article. Thus you will receive more points which in turn will enhance your overall assessment of the course.

Why should you respond to feedback?
If participants do not respond to the feedback they already have received, this is likely to discourage further feedback, doesn't it? Also, the feedback is a means that is supposed to help students to improve their articles - which is why high quality feedback is also rated - and isn't it a pity if it is ignored....?
(Furthermore, maybe you will find that high quality feedback is sometimes as difficult as writing a high quality article - or at times maybe even more difficult.)