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Can I improve my article later on?

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You can always improve your article by responding to feedback and also by making additional points later on, when your understanding has improved.

By improving your article you will receive more points as well.


Course or Forum?

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In the Qabbalah course, the purpose is to learn and study together, however in the General Open Forum, the man focus is not on learning and study, but on meeting and discussing, and of course you are invited to participate in both the course and the forum ;-)  Please note however that  the course and the forum each serve a different purpose:

What is the difference between the Qabbalah Course and the General Open Forum?

In the Qabbalah Course there are several units which offer you teaching materials that introduce and elaborate on important basic aspects of magic, Qabbalah and the Western Mysteries. These texts are written by Salomo Baal-Shem, and they are a part of the theoretical training of the outer court of the Brotherhood of the Eternal Light (BOEL) during the first year of training.

When you participate in the Qabbalah Course, you are asked to read these lesson texts and discuss them with your fellow students.
This means that students write articles about the topic of each unit and about further aspects of the subject and share their insights in order to deepen their understanding.
In the Qabbalah Course there are senior BOEL students who give support and guidance, if necessary.

Just as it is common-place in other courses, e.g. at university, we ask participants to refer to the lesson texts when they write their articles and their feedbacks on the articles of their fellow students.This is an excellent opportunity to share your thoughts and your opinion on the teaching materials with like-minded people.

The General Open Forum:
If you would like to write about off-topic subjects as well, or if you do not wish to study in the Qabbalah course, but would like to meet like-minded people nevertheless, then you are welcome to participate in our General Open Forum, for this is the right place to do so. In the General Open Forum you can discuss with other participants all the subjects and topics on magic, ritual, Qabbalah etc. that you would like to share. In the General Open Forum, we will not discuss the course materials, of course, for you can do so in the course if you so wish.