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Re: Quizzes
by Andrea Shelor * * (R6) - Monday, 16 January 2012, 8:50 AM
Group Head ModeratorGroup Refuah PractitionerGroup Refuah Teacher

Hello Kaly,

if you click a quiz link, the quiz will not open right away. Instead you will have to click a "start the quiz" button first.

After you have clicked the "start the quiz" button, you have opened the quiz. You can then open and re-open a quiz until you press "submit all and finish".

In doing a quiz you have the choice of either answering all questions and then click a "submit all and finish" button in order to submit and finish the whole quiz or to answer and submit each question one by one, and then finish the quiz as a whole once you're done.

After you have finished the quiz you will get your results and you can review each question with your answers (and with any comments on the lesson contents that might have come with the results).

Usually, a quiz refers to the contents of the course unit it belongs to. The first  quizzes however are more of an introductory nature, therefore they refer to the introductory information given within the course up to this point. The course is designed to guide you step by step to the details and ressources that you need to know in order to start the quizzes. (This includes the "rules and guidelines" that everybody agreed to in the registration process.)

If you feel you are not yet ready for a quiz it might be a good idea to reread the information accessible to you up to that point of the course.

I hope this answer will help you to preceed with the course, and I am looking forward to seeing you in the course forums! Good luck to you, and please enjoy your studies with us!

In Light,

BTW your question would have fitted also quite well to the feedback and questions forum within the course, don't you think? This ressource is always accessible to course participants. For here in the open forum there are no quizzes, and participants of the course who might have the same questions and thoughts as you have, will probably not expect this subject to be addressed here in the open forum.